Signs of Domestic Violence

The increasing number of reported cases of domestic violence has become alarming. Women get hit by their husbands. Some of these victims are in their teens while there are also cases of pregnant women. Batterers are oftentimes cool and cannot be observed on the outside but flaming hard when dealing with their household members. This is why most of these cases aren’t easily noticed by the authorities. However, there are signs and symptoms that can help us recognize that domestic violence may be happening.

Domestic Violence and Abuse: Types, Signs, Symptoms, Causes …

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All too frequently the media bombards us with news about a high-profile domestic violence case, where a man or woman is suspected of murdering their wife or husband, with or without a previous history of domestic abuse.

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Because domestic violence is often perpetrated by someone close to the victim, victims often choose not to report it. Instead, they will live for months or even.

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In light of the Simsbury murder-suicide in September, Avon, Farmington Valley and West Hartford police share resources available to victims. Posted by Jessie Sawyer (Editor) , October 01, 2012 at 08:03 PM. Comment Recommend. Flag as 

Domestic Violence Isn’t Always Physical. | elephant journal

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Domestic violence is a severe and damaging problem not just by the victims themselves but of the society as a whole. Many victims actually do not realize that they have been abused. This is because not all domestic abuses result to bruises and physical pain. But even without these, the damage it brings is just the same. Each one of us needs to be vigilant enough and do our part in reporting such cases to the authorities. For domestic violence related concerns, consult Garmo & Kiste, PLC.

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